At the very onset, let us introduce PPWS NGO as a Registered Public Charitable Trust and one of leading NGOs in INDIA area engaged in various Social and Community Development programs aimed for the benefit and welfare of marginalized and weaker sections of our society.


PPWS NGO is registered as a non-profit organization under section :


Registered Under Section 12A of The Income Tax Act, 1962 Vide Registration No: _DEL-PR24668-21092015 Dated: //_21/09/2105


Registered Under Section 80G (5) of The Income Tax Act, 1961 Vide Registration No._DEL-PE28163-29112017 Dated: //_29/11/2017


Our major programs include programs on eradication of hunger and poverty by organizing free food camps; providing medical relief to poor and needy by organizing free Medical Camps; welfare and education programs for children by organizing medical camps including immunization programs, education for children and other welfare programs for children; welfare and self-empowerment programs for women like employment related skill development programs, self-defense workshops in participation with Police and educational programs for women; welfare programs for old aged people and other welfare programs like providing free clothing and temporary shelters for poor and needy


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The season of giving and thinking of others is never ending. That’s why you’re probably seeing the signs of charitable organizations to do so and have finally reached here. Most of us feel we are too busy to take the time to pull some bills out of our wallets, or maybe we don’t have any to spare. But did you know that most charities are not about giving just money but selflessly thinking to provide an opportunity for another individual to lead a dignified life. So why not give this charity thing a chance now ? It’s not just a time for giving to your family, but to those outside of your family that likely won’t be having as happy a time like you do. So, don’t let these opportunities to go pass by you; consider, if you will, these 3 reasons to donate to charity this year.


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